Major Club Events

Greenwood Cup

For the next two Saturday’s we will have Greenwood Cup match-play qualifying. This will be in-conjunction with the stroke event. The Greenwood Cup is a handicap match-play event where the top 16 nett players from the two weeks will qualify. If you are interested in qualifying, you must notify the pro shop staff on Saturday the 8th of May.


No extra payment is required.


  • Open to 7-day male members and following confirmation of the qualifiers, the match-play rounds will be set to start on the 21st of June.
  • Two weeks will be allocated to arrange each match by the players.
  • If a match is not arranged by the last Sunday of the period, timesheet times will be reserved for those matches on the day.
  • No match period will be extended past this date and only 4 rounds are required over an 8 week period.
  • Match-play rounds and competition rounds cannot be played together.
  • Handicap match-play on the blue course using the GA attained at the completion of the 2nd round as the maximum GA for the match-play rounds.
  • The handicap for each match played will be the GA on the day or the qualifying GA, whichever is the lowest.

Again, if you are interested in qualifying, please notify the pro shop staff on Saturday the 8th of May.