The Lottery randomises the entry process for members so each entrant has an equal chance to obtain a tee time on busy or heavily contested timesheets. A member accesses the fixture list up to 30 minutes prior to the scheduled opening of a timesheet, selects 'Join Draw' to get a ticket in the Lottery and waits for the clock to countdown. The draw closes 5 seconds before the timesheet opens and entrants are randomised like a lottery.

The first 5 members in the 'Lottery' have immediate access to the timesheet to find a tee time. The remainder of entrants are ordered by their allocated ticket number. Therefore, ticket #1 is the sixth member to enter the timesheet. Using multiple devices with one account does not help your chance at getting a higher ticket number. MiClub recommend not doing this as it will confuse the system and your position in the lottery will be affected. Our club’s standard open time is 6pm. You can register for the lottery from 5:30pm

Twilight golf is unlimited golf from 3pm every day. For non-members the price is only $25 and a great opportunity to bring a friend to your home course.

All daily medley competitions will be paid out the same regardless of what day of the week it is. What we mean by this is the prizes awarded, number of grades and positions paid is based off a formulae and that formulae will be used for every daily comp.

Championship and special events have their own payout structure.

If a daily competition pays out 2 grades the field will be split as close as possible to 50/50. If a daily competition pays out 3 grades the Club’s fixed grade brackets will be used. These fixed grade brackets also apply to medal events and championship events.


Men’s and Medley Competition Grade Brackets

Women’s Grade Brackets

A Grade is HDCP of 13 and under.

A Grade is HDCP of 25 and under.

B Grade is HDCP 14 – 20

B Grade is HDCP 26 - 31

C Grade is HDCP 21 +

C Grade is HDCP 32+

The most common formats in the fixtures are:


  • Stroke – count every stroke until holed out.
  • Stableford – a scoring system where you total your points for each hole rather than strokes.
  • Par – think of this as match play against the course. For example, if you play Hole 1 to your handicap there is no score. If you play better than handicap you receive +1. If you score worse than handicap you record -1. Total all the + and –for your round total.
  • Foursomes – alternate shot format.
  • Super Six – Every hole is played but your score is the aggregate of 6 chosen holes for the day. These are selected at random but are the same 6 holes for everyone.
  • Other formats include, but not limited to, Irish Team Stableford, Texas Scramble, and 3-2-1 Countdown.


Other points to note:


  • Daily comps are a mix of Single, Single + 2BBB, Single + 2B Aggregate and 4BBB.
    • 2BBB is a two person team event where the team takes the best score by either player for each hole.
    • 2B Aggregate is a two person team event where you combine each player’s score for the team total.
    • 4BBB is a 2 person team event. You only record your team score in these events. The idea behind this type of event is to encourage a little more gamesmanship and strategy when playing with someone without the worry of an individual score. Expect tee markers to be varied for a different course setup and shot making.
  • The 3rd Wednesday of every month is Tiger Tees. On this day our tees are played from the championship plates. This provides a great challenge and a different perspective of the course.
  • The 1st Saturday of every month is our Men’s Medal Round. This day is a stroke event played off the championship plates. Refer to the Major Event Calendar List for the Women’s Medal Rounds schedule.
  • Fixtures and formats are subject to change. We do our best to stick to the schedule created at the start of the season but often things change and we need to adapt.

The MiScore app is available for download and allows members and visitors to enter the hole by hole scores during their round rather than using a traditional scorecard. The app can be used for both competition and social rounds. For more information on the Miscore app contact the golf shop.

We encoruage the use of this app as it reduces paper and efficient scoring updates as scores are submitted and leaderboards are updated instantly.


Friday Club runs every Friday from the 1st Friday in January to early December. It is a 13 hole nett Stableford competition with a Friday Club Championship held on the final two Friday’s of the year. A $20 membership fee is paid at the start of the year and if you play a minimum of 10 rounds you will have a complimentary ticket to the end of year banquet.